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We're all in it

Elija on 02 Jan 2011

Well, it's 2011 and in two days we will have a V.A.T. increase from 17.5% to 20% to help deal with the country's finances. I can see the need. I get it, I really do but...

It would be a lot easier to stomach if our Chancellor of the Exchequer wasn't a tax dodging crook. Well OK, crook is probably too strong as everything he does is legal. Morally reprehensible but legal.

George Osbourne pays accountants to help him find loopholes which it's reckoned will help him dodge 1.6 MILLION POUNDS. That's a year.In fact, it is estimated that such tax dodging costs 120 BILLION POUNDS a year, that's £120,000,000,000 per year or over 3 times the N.H.S. budget.

Do you remember all the hand-wringing and wailing over the 6 BILLION POUNDS in extra cuts that were needed this year, well think about having twenty times as much coming in simply by closing tax loopholes.

So, why doesn't he close the loopholes?

Well, for starters he personally benefits from them to the tune of over one and a half million pounds; his friends and colleagues also benefit from these dodges.

38 Degrees are attempting to highlight this issue and have already bought a set of ads in the national press for the day of the V.A.T. increase which highlight the dodging.

Please visit them and at least sign the petition. If you can afford to donate a couple of pounds to help pay for more ads to keep the pressure on, please do.

I think we should be angry about this. Very angry. I also think we should question whether any M.P. would want to close the tax loopholes, after all we remember how they played the expenses within the rules; I find myself wondering if they play the tax system any differently.

Thank you.


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Added by cousin lucky on 04 Feb 2011 at 16:22:46
If the " government " stopped spending money it does not have; your " taxes " should drop!! I am reminded of a quote from U.S. Congressman Ron Paul " Your Money Has Never Been Safe In The Governments Hands,
And It Never Will Be. "

Added by Anonymous on 05 Feb 2011 at 03:51:06

Why is this not all over the newspapers?